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Piazza’s Wine and Bar Restaurant is an Italian Restaurant located in Washington that serves authentic Italian cuisine to those who want to be immersed in the culture and the beauty of Italy as well as those who want to have a taste of genuine Italian food. As a reminder, we request that you make reservations weeks in advance to make sure that you can get a table to dine in our restaurant. Because of the influx of people not only from Washington but even from outside the country, our tables are always fully packed every single day. Although we are open to walk-ins, it can get pretty crowded and you might have to wait long hours before you can get your seat.


We do not only offer reservations for a number of seats and chairs. You can actually book our whole restaurant for your special events. Whether you are going to have birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or other celebrations, it is best to enjoy good Italian food in an authentic Italian restaurant. We recommend that you contact our customer service through our Contact page to confirm the date and the food that you want in your event. We also advise you to book as early as possible before your slot is taken by others who would make reservations earlier. Do not worry because we give special discounts, offers, and voucher codes to those who book at least four months in advance.


For special requests, we do catering and home service deliveries. This is only open to bulk or large orders. We do want to make sure that every dish that comes from us passes our quality standards so everything that we utilize in our kitchen is brought outside to the venue of your event.